Terms & conditions

  • The customer agrees that all information supplied to CTF Mobile Phone Repairs is 100% accurate.
  • CTF assumes no liability for any further damage that may occur during the cleaning of a liquid ingressed unit.
  • Retain your paperwork and quote your job number when enquiring about the status of your repair. You are required to present the job sheet in order to collect your repair.
  • All fluid ingressed, Chinese Miracle or other copy phones repair projects will incur a $50 upfront fee. This fee is non-refundable. If you require a written report or insurance letter you will be charged an administration fee of $50.00. Fluid ingressed jobs that can be fixed up to the value of $80 will be repaired without prior notification.
  • Computer repairs will attract a $99 up-front service fee. If the customer does not wish to go ahead with the repair the $99 quotation fee will be retained.
  • Once a quotation is approved the decision is final. CTF will not undo the repair if you change your mind, and you will be required to pay the agreed price in full before we release the job.
  • CTF take no responsibility for any lost sims or memory cards. It is the customer’s responsibility to remove all sim cards and memory cards prior to booking the phone repair project.
  • Important data may be lost during the repair/software/unlocking process including some of your stored data.  Please ensure that you have saved this data elsewhere prior to repair.  CTF accepts no liability for any data lost.
  • Whilst all possible professional care will be taken, CTF accepts no responsibility for minor damages to mobile phones or loss of functionality resulting from service or modification on any hardware or software.
  • As we are a non-warranty repair centre your manufacturers’ warranty may be voided. Please enquire with one of our technicians if you have any concerns regarding this matter.
  • CTF Mobile Phone Repairs will cover all repairs including both parts and labour for 90 days. The warranty will only cover the fault report provided on the job sheet. For all warranty claims customers are required to bring in all their paperwork and receipts regarding their warranty claim.
  • Customers must inform CTF of any new faults to phones/computers within 48 hours of pick-up.
  • If a phone needs to be network unlocked and the phone incurs calling restrictions afterwards, such as call barring or incoming call restrictions. You will still be charged the full amount for the process of unlocking of your mobile from the network.
  • All completed phone/computer repairs MUST be picked up within 30 days of completion.
  • CTF reserves the rite to recycle or dispose of any unit as it sees fit after 90 days of competed repair, to recoup the cost associated with the repair.
  • CTF Mobile Phone Repairs Pty Ltd does not accept any responsibility for any damages that may occur during transportation of parts or phones.
  • Insurance on any items left at our premises is the responsibility of the owner of the item. We will take all reasonable care but no liability in the event of loss or damage.
  • Any software e.g. Microsoft office/Media players can not be re-installed unless client has their original disk or product key.


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