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iphone 3g repairs perth


I Phone 3G repairs are just one of the many services we offer. We can repair any iPhone 3G and even most water damaged units. Each iPhone 3G repair comes with a 3 month warranty on any work carried out, this gives you the peace of mind to choose CTF Mobile Phone Repairs  to repair your iPhone 3G. We can repair a variety of components with the Apple iPhone 3G, common faults being: • iPhone 3G LCD not working or smashed • iPhone 3G Touch Screen not responding • Battery drain problems on the iPhone 3G • Home Button replacement on iPhone 3G • Volume Button • Charging Port broken on your iPhone 3G Listed below are the most popular repairs with I phone 3G:

Screen Replacements for iPhone 3G

This is the most regular problem with iPhone 3G that we fix at CTF Mobile Phone Repair centres in Perth, WA. This is because they are a very popular phone and unfortunately many people tend to drop them. You have broken your iPhone 3G screen if the touch is no longer reacting or if the glass is smashed or cracked. If so, just give us a call on 93420040 or drop in to our technicians in store, where they will try to help as best they can.


LCD Replacements for iPhone 3G

LCD replacements are also another very common problem with the iPhone 3G, the LCD is positioned behind the glass and can often get damaged. If your screen appears to have lines across the display, a dull display or a white screen, then more than likely you need to have the LCD replaced.


Water-damaged iPhone 3G

In all cases of water damaged mobile phones, it is best to turn it off and dry it up as much as possible before doing anything else with the unit. Depending on how badly damaged the iPhone is then it may or may not power on. In either scenario, you can bring it to our technicians at CTF Mobile Phone Repair where they can assess the water-damage. However we do require customers to book in any water-damaged iPhones, as the unit has to go through the full cleaning process and our technicians will diagnose whether any parts need to be replaced or repaired.


Battery Replacement for iPhone 3G

Are you having problems with your iPhone 3G battery? Is it not lasting as long as it used to? Your phone’s not charging? Then chances are that you have a problem with your battery or charging port. If this is the case, then bring your iPhone to CTF technicians, where you can leave it in their care and they will have it sorted in no time for you.


Other Faults

iPhone 3g can also have various other problems such as software issues, this is not a problem for our technicians at CTF Mobile Phone Repair Perth, as they have often dealt with software issues. Please ask in –store or call us if you have any issues concerning software.

Sometimes the home button or the microphone/speaker can also be an issue, these are all problems that can be dealt with in any of our CTF Mobile Phone Repair locations, whilst you wait.



At CTF Mobile Phone Repair, we offer OEM screens for the iPhone 3G and we also offer copy screens. As always we advise customers that the OEM screen is best, as it doesn’t cause any complications with your phone, also OEM screens come with a one year warranty.

We also accept phones by post if you are unable to bring it to our locations, just give us a call and as soon as we receive it we’ll let you know your job number so you can keep a track of its progress.

So if you need your iPhone 3G repaired, just call in to the CTF Mobile Phone Repair locations, call us on 93420040 or email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and speak with one of our friendly team members.


“iPad” and “Apple” are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.We are an independent Perth iPhone Repair service and are not connected in any way with Apple Inc.


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