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iphone 3gs repair perth


At CTF Mobile Phone Repairs we can repair any fault you may have with your iPhone 3GS, we can repair most iPhone 3GS problems within 48hrs or less. We can replace your iPhone 3GS screen, fix your iPhone 3GS speaker problem and any other fault you may have including water damaged iPhone 3GS. We are the iPhone 3GS repairs specialists in Perth. All the iPhone 3GS repairs are carried out onsite at our Perth based workshop and all I phone 3GS repairs come with 3 months warranty. Listed below are the most popular repairs with I phone 3Gs:

Screen Replacements for iPhone 3Gs

As with the iPhone 3G, the 3Gs is also a popular screen that needs to be replaced. All the same symptoms apply, if the screen is smashed or cracked, or if the touch isn’t working properly then you need to have it replaced or consult with a CTF technician at one of our locations in Perth, Western Australia.

LCD Replacements for iPhone 3Gs

When an iPhone 3Gs has received an impact then it’s likely to cause some sort of damage, this damage could include your LCD being defective. If you see the normal tell tale signs of LCD damage, such as a white screen, a muddled display or lines through your screen, then it’s time to get the unit looked at by CTF Mobile Phone Repair, as we promise to have it up and running again while you wait.

Battery Replacement for iPhone 3Gs

Unfortunately like any battery, it only has a certain life span. If your battery only lasts a couple of hours or if it wont turn on, then it’s quiet possible that you need a battery replacement. We stock these batteries at CTF Mobile Phone Repair, so if you need yours changed, give us a call on 93420040. We also offer charger port replacements on iPhone 3Gs.

Other Faults

Other issues with your iPhone 3Gs can include the volume keys, the home button, ear speaker and microphone and the power button. If any of these faults are affecting you, then all you need to do is give CTF Mobile Phone Repair a call on 93420040, call in- store or e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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