Playstation Repairs

At CTF Mobile Phone Repair, we cater for PlayStation repairs. We deal with all sorts of problems, including the yellow light of death and laser replacements for reading discs.

The majority of PlayStations we fix are PlayStation 3 but we also fix PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 1.


Most Common PlayStation Repairs

  • Yellow Light of Death Repair- If this solid yellow LED light appears, then it’s best to seek professional advice. A solid yellow LED light can indicate that the hard drive is failing, however, you should consult with a CTF PlayStation repair technician first.

  • Laser Replacement- If your PS3 isn’t reading the discs or its taking too long to read the disc; it may be possible that it needs a laser replacement.

  • Software Issues- If you have problems accessing areas of your PS3, then its possible your console needs a software update.

  • Mechanical Drive- If your PS3 is making strange noises such as, scratching or screeching, then it may need a replacement dive caddie.

  • Vibrator Problems- If the control for your PlayStation has stopped vibrating whilst playing games, then we can replace the part.

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Issues- If you cannot connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, then bring it to CTF Mobile Phone Repair, where our technicians can fix the problem for you.

  • Data Recovery- If you’ve managed to delete your data or it has mysteriously disappeared, then we can recover your data, whether it’s from your PS3 or an external hard drive.

  • Control & Battery Replacements

  • Non- Warranty Repairs- If you have voided your Sony warranty, then look no further, as CTF PlayStation technicians can offer non- warranty repairs on your Sony PlayStation.


Whatever the problem with your PlayStation, just bring it to CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth, where our PlayStation technicians can assist you and get your PlayStation back up and running as normal.


“PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. We are an independent Perth PlayStation Repair service and are not connected in any way with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


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