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Xbox and Xbox 360 repairs are also carried out here at CTF Mobile Phone Repair, if you have any problems with your Xbox, just come to our CTF Xbox technicians, where our friendly team can help you with any problems you may be experiencing.


Most Common Xbox Repairs

  • Red Light of Death Repair- This is when three red lights show, this means that the Xbox   360 console or its power supply has a hardware problem.

  • E74 Error Repair- Error 74 usually is one red flashing light, which can be related to a hardware problem.

  • DVD Drive Repair- We can repair an Xbox DVD drive so that it can read discs correctly or we can repair mechanical issues with the DVD drive. So if your Xbox has problems ejecting discs or displays an “unreadable disc” error, then you may need your Xbox DVD drive repaired or replaced.

As you probably already know, the Xbox has four light codes, which is called “the ring of light”, with another green LED light in the middle. These lights are used to indicate what state the console is in and whether there are any faults or not. Each LED light has a number, with the upper left quadrant being number 1, upper right quadrant being number 2, lower left quadrant is number 3 and lower right quadrant is number 4.

The LED light in the middle is green when the unit is switched on and usually the number of quadrants lit indicate how many controllers are plugged in to the console.


When quadrant 4 flashes red, it usually means a hardware failure and usually a code error also appears.

If quadrant 1 and 3 flash red, then it means that the Xbox is overheating. The console will knock off the CPU and run the fans until it has cooled sufficiently.

When Q1, Q3, Q4 flash red, it means there is a general hardware failure, this is quiet similar to the Q4 failure, but it will not display a code error.

When all quadrants flash red, it means the console cannot detect the AV Cable, whether it’s due to a serious error or not being plugged in.

We can carry out a lot of Xbox repairs, so whatever the problem, just speak with a CTF Xbox technician, as they will be more than happy to help. If you have any queries you can call (08) 93420040.

“Xbox” is a registered trademark of Xbox® video game system. We are an independent Perth Xbox Repair service and are not connected in any way with Xbox® video game system.


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