Navman Repairs Perth

Navman repair Perth

Navman repair Perth - Navman Wireless gives businesses and companies the ability to manage and control their vehicle fleet. By using GPS, they provide products and services that allow tracking, vehicle navigation and real time communication with the fleet.

Most Common  Navman Repairs

Touch Screen Replacement

If the touchscreen on your Navman is no longer responding or it’s smashed, then you will have to have the touchscreen replaced, which is no problem for CTF sat nav technicians. came speak to our Navman repairs  in perth


Software Problems

Software issues can cause your Navman to not function correctly. If you’ve been having any problems with your Navman, just bring it to CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth. Navman Repairs can help you.


Charging Issues

If your Navman isn’t holding charge, won’t charge at all or maybe not even turning on, then you can bring it to CTF where our Navman technicians can have it Repaired in no time and save you money.


No GPS Signal

Sometimes Navman can fail to pick up a GPS signal, if you have this problem, just bring it to CTF. we will off you a free quotation and avice whether your navman is repairable or not


Liquid Damage

If your Navman has liquid damage, best thing to do is dry it off gently and bring it to CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth, for assessment by our Navman technicians before any corrosion sets in.


So whatever the problem with your Navman, just bring it to CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth, where we can help. get your Navman repaired and save you money

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Navman is a registered trademark of Brunswick New Technologies Asia Pte Limited and is used under licence by Navman New Zealand. Navman is part of the Brunswick Corporation, headquarters Chicago, IL. We are an independent Perth Navman Repair service and are not connected in any way to the Brunswick Corporation.


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