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IMEI International Mobile Electronic Identification

Bought a second hand mobile phone from the Quokka , Gum Tree, or from a friend or happen to find one on the train on the way home well odds are a lot of the time they will be Black listed.  A blacklisted phone is a phone which has been barred/blocked by the operating network for reasons such as it being reported lost, stolen or the original owner has not kept up the payment of their contract bill. When one network has barred the phone, they also advise all other Australian networks of the phone IMEI number and they too in turn block the phone from use on their network! This can take from 1 day to 3 months before all Australian networks have blocked/barred the handset from working on their network, so even if you buy a phone today, tomorrow it may get barred!! There are many signs that the phone has been barred/blocked by the Australian networks - these include:
  1. No signal when a sim card is inserted
  2. "Invalid Sim" is displayed on the phone
  3. "Inactive Sim" is displayed on the phone
  4. "Sim Registration Failed" is displayed on the phone
  5. "CALL FAILED" is displayed when dialing out
  6. A "BEEP-BEEP" tone is heard followed by the call ending when dialing out
  7. Your friends try to ring you but cannot get you even though your phone is on!
It's also very common for people to abuse their phone insurance by selling their phone privately, and then later on reporting it as stolen. They then get a brand new replacement phone, leaving the poor person who paid good money for their old one to wonder why the phone is having problems with reception etc...

IMEI Check services

Use the link below to check to see if the handset in question has been blacklisted and find out the date and which network carrier locked the device. Please enter your 15 digit IMEI Number below to find out if your mobile phone has been barred by a provider.
IMEI Number


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