Mobile Phone Hardware Repairs

Mobile phone hardware repairs required then contact CTF Mobile Phone Repairs Perth. We fix a wide range of mobile phone hardware issues. Some are listed below, All Phone Repairs will arrange for collection or you can post or personally bring it in. Once we have your mobile we will thourghly investigate the issues and provide you with a solution and a quote. Once you are happy then we will repair your phone and

Speaker and Microphone Repairs

These are normally damaged due to moisture. This can happen even if your mobile phone has not be in any water, moisture damage can be caused by rain, condensation and others. This can get into the delicate parts of your mobile phone and start to corrode parts such as the microphone and speakers. If you hear a high level of crackling or cannot hear even when the volume is on maximum then this could be a cause of this. Damage can also be caused by dropping your mobile phone or just day to day usage depending on the environment which it is used mainly.

Battery & Charging Issues

If you are connecting a charger to your phone and nothing is happening then either your phones internal charging block maybe damaged, the battery has expired or your mains charger is at fault. At All Phone Repairs we diagnose all issues with our specialist equipment to ensure we find the problem and then give the solution.

Keypad Repairs

All Phone Repairs we can replace your existing mobile phones keypad. Many times people assume their phone has stopped working and is useless as it does not dial out or cannot answer calls. Sometimes the problem may be just the keypad and once replaced your mobile phone is as good as new. We also replace worn-out mobile phone keypads with our mobile phone refurbishment service.

Mobile Phone Refurbishment

You're mobile phone is looking old and out of date. No worries as at All Phone Repairs we can bring your mobile phone back to life with full refurbishment service. We can provide the entire package from internal mobile phone service to external phone housing replacements.

LCD Replacements

The main display on a mobile phone is normally made of two parts, the LCD display and a transparent cover, known as a LENS that protects the delicate LCD. The display on a PDA / organiser is a one piece component comprising an LCD display with a touch screen sensor called a DIGITIZER.

Some of the reasons for your mobile phone LCD screen cracking are:

  • The mobile phone has been dropped.
  • The mobile phone has been carried in a back pocket: This can put excess pressure on the display causing it to twist and eventually crack.
  • Something heavy hit or fell on the phone.
If your display still works but there is a visible crack over it, then this is the lens that has cracked and we can easily replace this part for you. If the display is unreadable or has a black/blue stain on it, then this is likely to be an LCD fault and again we can easily replace this part for you. The price of a replacement screen does vary according to phone model, so please call to see how easy it is to fix your phone. All Phone Repairs can fix 99% of all hardware issues and ensure that you get a great service at a very competitive price. Complete our form below and we can get back to you with a quote and instructions of how to send your mobile phone to us. Other hardware issues we diagnose and fix are Bluetooth, Signal Issues, Camera Repairs, mobile phone housing repairs.


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