If you have certain Apps already installed on your mobile phone, you may get messages sent to your phone saying that there is an update for a certain APP. Software updates and messages like this are very common for mobile phone users. The reason for these types of software updates is so that you can always have the newest version of whatever software is on your mobile phone without having to constantly buy or download new software for your mobile phone. Again, because mobile phone technology is rapidly changing and upgrading existing software, software updates allow you to enjoy the latest and newest versions! Software updates are great for phones that have existing older versions of certain programs and software. However, mobile phone companies are always coming up with newer and better versions of older mobile phones. New models of mobile phones often have new features to entice the consumer to buy a whole new mobile phone. It is usually a new feature that cannot be downloaded or bought for your existing phone like software updates can be. Some new features that have been added to mobile phones over the years are: • Colour screens • Touch screens • Flip or sliding face options as a way to open your phone • Size (slimmer and sleeker in design) • Different handset colours • Voice activation • Voice texting • Hands-free features


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