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Blackberry mobile phone repairs & services in Perth WA

If your Blackberry mobile phone is malfunctioning or you have dropped it and need a new LCD or a touch pad you need to call CTF - Blackberry repairs Perth  we can give you FREE quotation and get the job done matter of mints not days we also repair track ball ,track pads, repair charger ports ,LCD ,touch panel , replacement batteries, replacement  ear speakers,buzzers,microphone, keypad and much more...

Models we repair:

BB Bold 9900,9000

BB Bold 9930 & All BB Bold Models

BB Torch 9860

BB Torch 9850 & All BB Torch Models

BB Curve 9370

BB Curve 9360 & All BB Curve Models

BB Pearl 9100

BB Storm 9550 and much, much more

Most Common Repairs with BlackBerry Phones

Blackberry touch screen replacements 

BlackBerry is generally known for its Qwerty keypad, but many of the recent models also have touch screens, giving users the best of both worlds. If you’ve managed to break the glass and the touch isn’t responding on your BlackBerry, then bring it to CTF Mobile Phone Repairs perth for inspection.


 Blackberry LCD screen repairs 

LCD replacements for BlackBerry phones are by far the most common problem we see at CTF Mobile Phone Repair perth. LCD can break quiet easily on phones, you may notice the tell tale signs, such as a white screen, muddled display or poor display output. If you see any of these signs, then bring your phone to CTF where the technicians carry out BlackBerry repairs on a daily basis.


 Replacement Battery for BlackBerry

If you’re experiencing problems with your BlackBerry battery, CTF Mobile Phone Repair can help. There are different issues that can arise, some of these include, short battery life, not charging or maybe not turning on. Some of these signs, can also indicate other problems so it’s best to have your phone looked at by CTF Mobile Phone Repair.


Water- Damaged and Other Faults with BlackBerry

Water-damaged BlackBerry repairs are another issue we often deal with here at CTF Mobile Phone Repair. If your BlackBerry has been water- damaged, then you should dry it off gently and bring it to CTF Mobile Phone Repair as soon as possible before any corrosion sets in. Other faults with BlackBerry phones can include broken keypads, trackball replacement, housing replacements, software issues and much more. If your BlackBerry has any other problems that haven’t been mentioned, then just call to CTF Mobile Phone Repair, where our technicians specialize in BlackBerry repairs.



No matter what the problem, it’s never too big or too small for CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth. Our aim is to help our customers, so just speak with one of our friendly team members in relation to your BlackBerry repair. You can call us on (08) 93420040 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Related BlackBerry Models

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