LG Repairs

If you are looking for a repair centre for your LG phone, then CTF Mobile Phone Repair is the place to come. We service and fix all types of LG phones. So if you are experiencing any problems with your LG, just come to CTF Mobile Phone Repair to get some advice.

LG models we repair:

Optimus Black- P970

Optimus 3D- P920

Optimus 2x- P990

Optimus 7

Optimus Spirit- P690

Optimus L3

Optimus L7


A190 and many more

Most Common Repairs with LG

Touch Screen and LCD Replacements for LG

If you have a cracked LG screen and the touch isn’t responding, then you need a touch panel replacement, which is no problem for CTF technicians. But if your LG has signs like a white screen, muddled display or poor quality output, then more than likely the phone needs an LCD replacement. Please call CTF Mobile Phone Repair for more information.


Battery Replacements for LG

If your LG phone is not holding charge, not charging or even not turning on, then it’s quiet possible that it needs a battery replacement. If you are unsure, just coma and see CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth, where we can help you.


Water- damaged and Other Faults with LG

As with all water- damaged phones, we recommend that you act quickly and dry the phone off and bring it to CTF Mobile Phone Repair, where our highly skilled technicians can assess what needs to be repaired. Other faults with LG phones can include software problems, speaker problems, the phone freezing up or not turning on etc. If you have any problem with your LG phone, then just call CTF Mobile Phone Repair on (08) 93420040.



If you are unsure what the problem is with your LG phone, then best thing to do is speak to a technician, who has experience in this industry. Our team will do whatever they can to try and help you in any way.


Related LG Models

Optimus L5 (LGE610), Optimus L3 (LGE400F), Optimus L7 (LGP705), Optimus Spirit (P690), Optimus 3D (P920), Optimus Black (P970), Optimus 2x (P990), Optimus Me (P350), Optimus 7Q, Optimus 7 (E900), Optimus One (P500), Optimus 4x HD (P880), Optimus T (P509). A258, T510, A190, GT540
“LG” is a registered trademark of LG Electronics Inc. We are an independent Perth LG Repair service and are not connected in any way with LG Electronics Inc.


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