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If you need a Sony Ericsson repair centre, then CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth, WA, is the place to come. CTF technicians can fix all sorts of Sony Ericsson faults as they have been doing them for years, no problem is too big or too small. So just pop down to CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth, WA and we will be more than happy to help.

Models that we repair:

Sony Xperia U, S, Arc S, P

Sony Xperia Mini & Mini Pro

Sony Xperia Neo

Sony Xperia Play and much, much more……


Most Common Repairs with Sony Ericsson Phones


Touch Screen Repair for Sony Ericsson

As Sony Ericsson phones become increasingly popular, CTF repair centre are seeing more and more Sony Ericsson’s for touch panel replacement. The usual signs of a touch panel replacement include cracked or smashed glass and touch no longer being responsive. So if you’ve managed to break your Sony Ericsson touch panel then just call to CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth, WA.


LCD Replacements for Sony Ericsson

LCD replacements are another common problem with Sony Ericsson, the usual tell-tale signs that you need the LCD replaced include cracked glass, muddled display, a white screen or leaked LCD. If you are experiencing any of these problems then call CTF Mobile Phone Repair on (08) 93420040 or just call in store to see a CTF technician.


Battery Replacement for Sony Ericsson

Most Sony Ericsson battery replacements are generally quiet simple and can be replaced in an instant. Some Sony Ericsson’s like the Xperia X10 mini has an internal battery, so it’s best to see CTF Mobile Phone Repair as the technicians deal with internal batteries on a regular basis.


Water- Damaged and Other Faults with Sony Ericsson

If your Sony Ericsson has been liquid damaged, then you need to clean your phone and bring it to CTF Mobile Phone Repair where it can be cleaned before any corrosion sets in. Other faults with Sony Ericsson can include speaker/microphone problems, keypad issues, housing replacements, software issues and much, much more. So if you have any queries, see CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth, WA.



If you are experiencing any other issues or faults with your Sony Ericsson that haven’t been mentioned above, then just speak with CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth, as we will be happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to Sony Ericsson repairs. If you are not in the vicinity of Perth, you can post your mobile phone to us, where it will be repaired in an efficient manner. If you have any queries, you can call CTF Mobile Phone Repair, Perth on (08) 93420040.


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W Series: W205, W395, W508, W705, W715, W995.
C510, C901, C903, F100, S312, T707, T715.


“Sony Ericsson” is a registered trademark of Sony Mobile Communications. We are an independent Perth Sony Ericsson Repair service and are not connected in any way with Sony Mobile Communication.


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